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Reviewed by Julie on Dec 31, 2012

I am an owner of a couple of flats and I have them all rented. One of my last tenants though made it look like I have one flat less as they just have damaged the flat they were living in. Most of the kitchen appliances did not work, the walls were in an awful condition, the carpets were covered in spots…I could not believe how messy it all was. So I decided to use some help in order to prepare the flat for new tenants and the estate agency I am working with recommended those guys. They sent me a couple of team to repair all the damages and clean on a great value of money. And when they finished I could not believe it-I had my old flat and it looked cleaner than ever! I will use them after every single tenant! I am more than sure about that!

Reviewed by Zach on Dec 2, 2012

Thank you for the junk removal team you sent. They were so quick and efficient

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